Convert Utc time to local time zone c#

 /// <summary>
 /// converts utc date time to local time zone date time 
 /// </summary>
 /// timeUtc">
 /// <returns></returns>
 public static DateTime ConvertTimeFromUtc(DateTime timeUtc)
 DateTime destTime = TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTimeFromUtc(timeUtc, TimeZoneInfo.Local);
 return destTime;

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An interesting list from Gartner: tech terms

An interesting list from  Gartner


  • On the Rise

o    Kanban Development

o    Java Enterprise Edition Version 8

o    Reactive Programming

o    Behavior-Driven Development

o    DevOps

o    Ensemble Programming

o    ADLM PaaS

o    Application Release Automation

o    Enterprise-Class Agile Development

o    Event-Driven Web

o    Cloud-Enabled Application Platform (CEAP)

o    Cloud-Optimized Application Design

o    Mobile Containers

  • At the Peak

o    Public Web APIs

o    Responsive Design

o    Application Services Governance

o    Cloud Application Development Services

o    Hybrid Mobile Development

o    Interactive Application Security Testing

o    Application Portfolio Management

o    Dynamic Data Masking

o    Requirements Elicitation and Simulation

o    Test Data Management

o    UX Tools

  • Sliding Into the Trough

o    Apps

o    Enterprise Application Stores

o    SOA Testing

o    Cloud Testing Tools and Service

o    Federated Application Development Life Cycle Management Suites

o    Software Composition Analysis

o    Functional Programming Languages

o    Model Driven Architectures

o    Distributed Versioning

o    Project-Oriented Agile Development Methodology

  • Climbing the Slope

o    Continuous Integration

o    Web-Oriented Architecture

o    IT Project and Portfolio Management Applications

o    Static Application Security Testing

o    Static Data Masking

o    Native Mobile Development