Indians say cheers to Beer and all things foreign – Piplsay

The much-loved Whiskey has a reason to be sour This smooth smoky drink has for the longest time ruled both our hearts and shelves. After all, which drink can give you the high for less. Such is the craze that India continues to be the top Whiskey guzzling country in the world. Alcohol, beer, Liquor, Piplsay, Whiskey

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Exposing locally running Web API to external world using ngrok

Web API Local URL


ngrok to make this URL work for external users

ngrok http [port] -host-header="localhost:[port]"

The Onion Architecture : part 1 : Jeffrey Palermo (.com)

The Onion Architecture : part 129 July 2008This is part 1.  part 2. part 3. part 4.  My feed (rss).I’ve spoken several times about a specific type of architecture I call “Onion Architecture”.  I’ve found that it leads to more maintainable applications since it emphasizes separation of concerns throughout the system.  I must set the context for the use of this architecture before proceeding.  This architecture is not appropriate for small websites.  It is appropriate for long-lived business applications as well as applications with complex behavior.  It emphasizes the use of interfaces for behavior contracts, and it forces the externalization of

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