After a long time .. i spent a good weekend

Good Morning Friends,
Today is Monday and this saturday and sunday was a good weekend for me after a long time . the reason was , i met with one of my friend (Manpreet/Soniya) after approx. 2.5 yrs… we spent good time when we were working together ina Call Center … (i was working there part time with my college ).. after marriage she went on ship with Her husband.
Now she is going again and fortunately i called her up and her mobile number was working and i was surprised .. …she picked up the call…and said “Hi Dilip ……” and mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaya ki kaise react karooo…i was expecting ki uska phone switch off aayega ..but …..nahi aaya.
we decided to meet and we met on saturday and enjoyed a lot …….she is totally changed after marriage and…she talks very practical ……pahle bhi karti thi but this time ..she was talking impressive …….

She is going back again on ship and pata nahi fir kab milunga us se mai…..
but i’ll miss her alot ..
i respect her like My Sister …

and wo mujhe daanti bhi Sister ke jaise hi hai …
on Sunday i was in distributing Marriage cards with one of my very god friend.. Uski saale ki shaadi ho rahi hai …and mai bahut khush hu ki meri Bhabhi aa rahi hai ……..


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