GearUp with Biztalk Server 2006(R2)

Hi Everybody,
How are you all ? I was quite busy in my project so was not regular on my blog..m sorry for that . The interesting thing is i have hand on experience on BizTalk Server 2006 and BizTalk Server 2006 R2

And all thanks to my project .. 🙂

so if you are new to this fantastic technology than here we go .Here i am going to explain a simple example based on BizTalk Server 2006.

The senario taken in this project is something like we have to fetch request (here .xml files) from a specified recieve location and drop those file to a destination location.

To run this sample you must have VS2005 installed on your box and BizTalk Server 2006.
Key Words
(A.)Schems:You must be knowing that schema is a template for a file, here file template for request and response.
(B.)Orchestration: You can say this is the coding part in BizTalk Server 🙂 .Orchestration is a file in which we draw the business flow and write some business logic if its required . As this is flow diagram of your logic so in case of any change you just need to change the direction of flow, need not to change any code 🙂
Isn’t it GOOD hamm..

OK so here we start , asuming that you have installed VS2005 an BT 2006 and configured on your Box.

Steps :
(1) Lunch VS2005.
(2) In VS2005, goto File and create New Project , on the right hand pane select bizTalk Project .
(3) An empty Bt solution is opened and now to add Schema to the solution, for that you right click on the project and select New Items, add a new schema file from there.
(4) A .xsd file is added to you project , rename it to Input Schema and create some elements in it.

Note : If you have existinf schems file than you can add that file directly rather than creating a new file.

(5)Now add an Orchestration File similiarly as we added Schema file above , rename it with sampleOrch . You can see start and end point on the file added .In toolBox there are some shapes which are used to draw your business

(6) Open Orchestration View Exporer and there under the Messages create a message and set its name as InOutMsg and in type browse and select schema which you have just added.It means that you have created a message , type of selected schems.
(7) Drop a recieve shape from toolbox and drop it between start and and end shape, set its message type as InOutMsg(which you have just created).

(8)Down to that add send shape and set its type InOutMsg.
Now drop a Port and assign port name and and Recieve Location, ( we will specify the recieve location after deployment),, Create Send port as RecievePort

(9) IN the operation connect RecievePort to recieveshape and SendShape to SendPort.

(10) Richt click on the Project and open properties, Assign Application Name and browse a .snk file for stron naming.Right click on project and select Deploy to deploy this project .

(11)Open BizTalk Server Administration and right click on your application and select Configure.
There you can configure physical recieve and send location.
(12) Run your application and restart Host Instance.
(13)Now place some .xml file in the specified recieve loaction , these files will be consumed and will we send to specified Send location.

Thats all….

Thanks . 🙂


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