Mazic stick in .Net ~~~~~ Reflection

Hi all

          Today i am going to explain a very simple but very use full topic available in .net ,”REFLECTION”.

 Scenario, say you have a dll added  to your project , and in that dll reference you are having a class and you want to get all its properties and methods ..etc..


(1)Add using System.Reflection

(2) Add the dll or class lib inyour project

(3) Create an object of that class say objClass

(4) Get the Type of that class and call the GetProperties method of Reflection as follows

  Myclasses.Myclass objClass = Myclasses.Myclass();
Type t = objClass.GetType();
PropertyInfo[] prop = t.GetProperties();
Foreach(Propery p in prop)

(5) Get all the Method and its parameters of a class

MethodInfo[] mi = objClass.GetMethods();
foreach (MethodInfo m in mi)
Console.WriteLile(“Method Name :{0}”,m.Name);
ParameterInfo[] pi = m.GetParameters();
foreach (ParameterInfo p in pi)


similiarly , you can get many other usefull information using reflection.

Happy smart programming 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mazic stick in .Net ~~~~~ Reflection

  1. nice example but can u tell me what will be the situation where we need to get info of class, method or properties.

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