Creating Envelope Schemas in Biztalk Server

* Envelope schemas are used for handling messages individually, even if they come as a batch.
* This process is called as ‘debatching’.

1) Open the BizTalk project containing the actual schema (Order, for example).
2) Add a new schema to the project.
3) Click on ‘<Schema>’ node.
4) Set the ‘Envelope’ property to ‘Yes’.
5) Rename the root node (OrderEnvelope, for example).
6) Create the child nodes and a child record (Orders, for example).
7) Create a sub-child record (Order, for example).
8) Create a ‘Any Element’ as a child element.
9) Click on the root node (i.e.,OrderEnvelope).
10) Select the ‘Orders’ node in ‘Body XPath’ property.


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