Consume WCF Service on Send Port in Biztalk Server

Hi everybody,

Fianlly i solved the problem i was trying for so long.

Problem Statement: I am having a WCF Service running somewhere and my client sends request to it through biztalk(exposed webservice).


(1) Create a new biztalk project and right click on project file and go to “Add Generated items

(2) Select Consume WCF Service and paste the wcf service url in the wizard.

(3) It add some schema files and binding file to the biztalk project

(4) Now deploy this project.

(5) Now open Biztalk Admin Console and see weather it is deployed or not .

(6) Now got to expose your added schemas in step 3, as wcf service or web service by using web publishing wizard. Create your Operation and set there requesr and response type .

(7) Now in Biztalk Admin console , expand deployed application and add an new “Sataic -solicit Response ” type port and in select the type as “basicHttpBinding” and recieve pipeline as “XML Passthrough“.

(8) Click on the Configuration and set the Address(URI), your externally running wcf service url and in Soap Action Header set the action of the method you are accesing (you can get it from the wsdl of the wcf service )

(9) Now on the “Filter” option set the filter “recievePortName” and “WCF.Action” set Operation name as you created while exposing schema as web service say Operation1 .

(10) Configure and start deployed application.

(11) Now create a client and send request to it .



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