Falling in love with NHibernate..

i have heard a lot about NHibernate so finally decided to have a look at it and decide it by myself.
I did some gooogling and read some of the articles about it .
Finally i have found a nice article originally written by Gabriel Schenker here

I really like the article and did the sample by myself. thought there are some bugs in the sample and i corrected them and finally i was able to test it with NUnit also.

You can download the source code form NUnit Test Here.

Update : Sample with test app can be downloaded from  Here


13 thoughts on “Falling in love with NHibernate..

  1. Hi,

    I have downlaoded the code, but VS says that both the projects included in the solution are library projects. Do you have a test web site developed to test this ?

    Thanks and regards,
    Rajesh C

  2. Hi Dilip, The sample is not working with Nhibernate latest version and VS2010.
    Test successful but table not getting created.

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