Leave your comfort zone

When I was a kid i read a story in school .

There was a great Saint and he  moves from places to places . One day he goes to a village and he decides to live in there for few days . When the villager heard the news that The great Saint in their village , they come to see him and to  get his blessings .The villagers served him very well . Off course  there  were bad people also in the village with good people . So when he was leaving the village , he blessed the good guys “I wish you have a lot of trouble and you spread around the world . ” and  to the bad  guys he blessed “Stay here in this village.I wish there is never a situation that you have to leave your beloved home”

The Saint  moved on . But one if his follower was still not able to understand that why he gave good blessing to bad guys and not to the good guys !!!!!!

Finally he asked him. The saint replied :

 Wherever a good man goes , he finds his way and he make more people influence to be good like him. So i want all these good guys from this village should go out and make others good/happy as they are .they should come out of  their comfort zone and explore the world.But on other side I want that these bad guys should stay in their home so that they can’t spread the bad in the world.

I was very influenced with this story and then i realize  that if you really want to explore  something than you have to leave your comfort zone and you have to put yourself in to a different mode , so that you really understand what it’s beyond your house , your playground, your job etc………..

So if you really want to explore something , than you have to leave your Comfort zone….. and trust me you will never regret on your decision ..


4 thoughts on “Leave your comfort zone

  1. Brilliant post…almost everything is gud 2 read(” which is to my reach”) espcially “Leave ur comfort zone”…wish me luck ,dat i can also cr8 such a blog~:)…superlyk!!!!!:)

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