D in DLand [Deutschland]

Hello Friends

Here I am back again to share something more …(off course not related to the technical stuff 😉  )… As I talk about to leave your comfort  zone to explore things more and more ..So  here I am in DLand (Deutschland)..

Deutschland.!!!!  where the hell is this place on this planet .. I would have exactly said these words if I heard this name when I was in India. But now i am here in Deutschland and here people love to call their country Deutschland rather than Germany.  🙂 Well I am absolutely fine with that because at least I have explored one thing for sure that the real name (beloved name) of germany i Deutschland also. 

Right now I am sitting in my office here and I sit near the big glass window here , and you know what it’s really nice to see the SNOWFALL from sitting in your warm office cabin.,,When I arrived here everything was green and weather was so pleasant that you just cant stay in your apartment … and in the coming months the Green color turns in to red and then yellow  and now there  is no color 🙂 because all the trees are without their cosmetics (leafs)

Bu I thing and as I was told by my german colleague here that this no color situation will be over soon and  i will get a chance to see germany in a new color : White color… well I am pretty excited about it and i hope this will be nice to see  as well as I also hope that I will be able to survive in such cold.

Now come back to the topic of Exploration again. German are really punctual and they plan even a single bit of their time in advance and the best part is THEY DO FOLLOW THEIR PLANS.  Now here is another interesting fact: Is it really good or bad to live a pre planned life ???????????

Hammm interesting na ..  if I look at it from the work point of view  than this is something that every country should adopt it  but if  I look at the normal life of people here .. i do not see any much fun in their life …because they know what they will do in next minute …off course  because they  have planned about the next coming 10 minutes , 10 days ago…  wowwwwwwwwwwwww (off course  there are few person who do not fall under this criteria)

Can you imagine to do it for yourself !!!!! if your answer is YES.. i salute you  but if your answer is NO than my friend..you still have a lot to live…..and to do many things more and important thing is  you still have a great opportunity to Explore ….

So lets Explore more and more and more …….

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7 thoughts on “D in DLand [Deutschland]

  1. Finally I found some time view New update on this Blog. I think new exciting things yet to come on this blog.

    till then
    Cheer Up


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