Cup of coffee and snowfall……

Imagine if you are living in a place where you have never been before and there is really anything to do .. because you have taken a day-off  from your office… Its snowfall outside and yu are sitting in your apartment with a cup of hot coffee……

What came first  in your mind when you read it (imagine it )..well I do not know about you but I am sharing my feelings here .. what comes in my mind ..

 I am here in my apartment and after working 20 hrs office work finally I taking some rest and I took the day off…Woke up late in the morning and then pray my God for everyone’s happiness and  than off course picked up my notebook (sorry can’t help it … )  to have a look like the world has changed in last 5-6 hours  🙂

Well everything seems fine and in place .. nice feeling otherwise my plans for taking rest today could be a dream…

After a while I had a look out side and removed the shades  from the big glass window.. and wowwwwwwww  its snowfall …and the best part is it’s not so wet  today so looking really nice …. I have prepared a cup of cappuccino and sat down near the window and started watching outside …

After a while  i felt so calm and feel so peace in my mind .. it was like there is no tension in mind and I have no worries and it’s just the moment I want to live like it always … My mind was able to produce colors for my thoughts  from the White snow… and everything was looking so amazing even without any color…

I remind  some lines I read somewhere “Things are always not the way they look , but its the way how you look at them.”

Well this was on my mind now my mind is Pressed 🙂


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