ASP.Net GridView sample

Here is a quick sample to use Asp.Net GridView without any coding.

I have used VS2010 ,.Net framework 4.0.

Steps :

1. Start your VS ans create new web site project. This will create a default application template

2. Right click on the website and select “Add New Items”. Add ADO.Net Data Entity.

folow the wizard as shown in the screens below .


This will connect to your database (in my case Northwind sample database  . This can be download from here)

Note : See the option to automatically generate operation for CRUD operation.

4. Now go to VS tool bod  and drag and drop a gridview control on the page. and cnfigure it as shown in the below screen shots


5. Hit F5 and thats it . You see  Grid as shown below .


6. Paging  and sorting is also integrated .

Please click here to download the code for this small application. Please change the connection string to your databse in web.config to  run this sample.


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