How to use Team Foundation Server 2010

Today we will talk a little bit more about Team Foundation Server 2010. In my previous post about   TFS  I have gave an broad picture of  the server. Today we will concentrate more on “How to Use TFS in our daily development work

Whats is Souce Control?

Source control is centralize location where we can keep our files (code files etc). It provides possibility to maintain the revisions on any change in the file. Multiple people can connect to the source controls and work on files similtaneously.Ofcourse files can be compared for any changes against any revisions.

There are many options for source control  i.e. Tortoise SVN etc.

TFS provides inbuilt source control , t means we actually do not need any other source control tool seperately . The beauty of this integration is that now we can link our workitems with evey change  we checkin into source control.

Please go through below attached screen shots to get more details for wuestions like

  • When to Check out for edit and how to check out
  • Check in process
  • MErging two files
  • Checking in reference.
  • Comparing files
  • Veiwing history.
  • Get Latest version
  • Get Specefic version.
  • How to connect to Team Explorer

Steps :

1. Open your VS IDE and you will see “TEAM” option menu  and connect to your TFS server .

2. ONce you have connected TFS server you will in your VS IDE as shown below




3. Now files are connected to the source control


4. To get latest version. check out etc  operation right click o the file and choose your option


5. Checked-out file

6. Right click on checked out file and choose your option i.e View Pending  changes, Check in etc. Compare etc.




Have a nice day!!!








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