Automate SQL Server operations by batch file

Many times we need to perform many repetitive actions on our sql server . Many of those are literaaly repetitve or many of them we really do not do every day but whenever it is , it a collection of steps .

Today we will see how easily we can automate our repetitive work by batch file so that we always donot have to open SQL Server Management Studio and conect to our DB etc….


You can also have a look how to create a log file from batch file in my previous post

Create a batch file :

1. Open your favourite text edidor and write below lines :

 @echo off

SET Logfile=runscripts.log
SET InvokeSQL=sqlcmd -S %SERVER% -d %DB%  -E -b -i
echo %DATE% %TIME% %USERNAME% > %Logfile%
echo calling sql-scripts with: %InvokeSQL% %%scriptfile%% >> %Logfile%
echo. >> %Logfile%
REM START trace32.exe %Logfile%
CALL :RUNProgram 001.sql || GOTO :FAILED
CALL :RUNProgram 002.sql || GOTO :FAILED
echo no errors found – logfile = %Logfile%
echo running %1%
echo.>> %Logfile%
echo ===================   running %1%     %     %TIME%  =======================%  %>> %Logfile%
%InvokeSQL% %1% %>> %Logfile% 2>&1
echo errors found – logfile = %Logfile%

2. Save file as batch file “myFirstSQLBatch.cmd”

3. Run it !!!!

Thats it !!!


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