Open csv file in Excel

There are many ways to open csv file in excel i.e Import export wizard etc.

Here is a simple ways which i generally use a lot

Open your csv file in notepad and tell the seperator type i.e


This will tell Excel how to read csv file with seperator ..

Thats it !!!




11 thoughts on “Open csv file in Excel

      1. My scenario is very simple:
        I’m trying to create a csv file via console application.
        The data refers to a pricelist and one of the columns is the price.
        Thanks to your trick “sep=;” I’ve solved the problem to open the file in USA even if separated by a semicolon. The problem now is the price.
        Generating the csv from a server in Europe I have for example a price of “1501,02” which becomes a number in european excel but if opened in USA it is a string.
        I thought that if there is a sep keyword then there could be a similar keyword to set the decimal separator…
        I hope I was clear.

        1. Hi
          Well I cannot provide you a working solution because of time constraints.I am sure this will solve this problem.
          Open Excel and Go to Data->Text to Columns
          Click on Next and Next and see ‘Column data format’
          Click on ‘Advance’ and there you see that you can configure format for any column to any column.
          This wizard steps can be written or supplied to import file (like we did sep=; ) in VBA code also and there you can change formatting/supply filter in csv file itself.
          Hope this helps

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