Create S#arp Architecture solution using Templify

S#arp Architecture is really get very handy when you do not want to spend time on creating all the required components in your .Net projects.

S#arp Architecture - Architectural foundation for ASP.NET MVC    Templify - making solution creation simple.

You can have complete details on sharp architecture here.

In earlier release , S#arp Architecture template was available for Visual Studio(not for 2010). But this gets more and more easy as Templify is available. In addition install T4 Toolbox  also .

If you have installed Templify and T4 Toolbox   than you are ready to roll..


So lets Templify…

1. Create folder on the location you want to create your project.

2. Right click on it and click on “Templify Here


3. You get a small window .


4. Select Sharp Architecture template from the dropdown and provide your new project name .

5. Deploy Template .This extract files from the template package.


6. Now a complete solution is to work for you



More References:


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