Geeks on Guitar

We hear the word “GEEK” so often these days .Most of the time this refers to person who is working closely with some kind of technology or very good at it. Being Geek/good at something asks for a lot of effort time and passion for something to explore. I have observed , people thinks Geeks have no life .. they no fun in their canvas life .. Their whole life is mess around with code or similar stuff…

Content of this post is my personal opinion only !!!

In my personal opinion , this observation can be true but I believe that this is only in case when people just see these people from a distance and some how they are afraid of getting in touch with explorer .

This keep on going and then out of the box an opinion comes and which say …GEEKs sucks !!

Well here I will try to show you the another(may be real) side of such people  who are more involved in one kind of work.

there is a very famous saying “Life runs on code…”.. whether we accept it or not but that’s true…

Well I know a lot many people who you can called geeks or you can call some of them more than that … I do not know about myself I  come into this category or not but I am pretty much sure  that I fulfill criteria of being an Explorer.

I love to know people and unknown things and then I have decided to know these  so-called geeks and decided to take a close look at their life ..

So few very important things are I want to share here is :

  • They have all the reasons to consider as normal human being Smile

  • They are extremely open to ideas.

  • It’s true that they do not knock on others doors to show what they actually are .

  • If you want to know them or share your thoughts , these folks welcome with open heart.

  • There are very rare chances that a so-called geek says no to anyone to help in anything.

  • Another very interesting fact.. ALL GEEKS ARE VERY CLOSE TO MUSIC(directly or indirectly)

this fact explains they are basically understand the same language and that could be an attribute that people with such nature creates community all around worlds regardless geographical differences.

I have a strong belief that GEEKS can create magic  on GUITAR (referred to music) They can explore more harmony than anyone else can because these creatures never get satisfied, and keep on trying to make it different and better…..

If any one of you thinks that he/she can carry this title … I must say that you are very lucky person..

Welcome on the board—-   and lets ROCK !!!


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