Get SQL result rows into one variables

Below is a quick tip to convert rows into variable(comma separated)

declare @tmpEmployee table (EmployeeName nvarchar(200))
declare @commaSeperatedNames nvarchar(max)
insert into @tmpEmployee Values('A')
insert into @tmpEmployee Values('B')
insert into @tmpEmployee Values('C')
insert into @tmpEmployee Values('F')
insert into @tmpEmployee Values('AH')
insert into @tmpEmployee Values('AJJ')
insert into @tmpEmployee Values('AH')
select EmployeeName  from @tmpEmployee
select EmployeeName +',' from @tmpEmployee FOR XML PATH('')
select @commaSeperatedNames =
		(select EmployeeName +',' from @tmpEmployee FOR XML PATH(''))
    select @commaSeperatedNames 
Here is the results

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