A great article from my friend Woody.
Thanks for the write up 🙂

Leonard S. Woody III - Software Engineer

Today I honor and thank the eminent Alan Turing for the seminal contributions he made to computer science.  Without him, I may very well be not typing on this computer.  The tragic death of Alan Turing also brings up a prescient political issue of today, Gay Rights.  Homosexuals should not be made second-class citizens in any society, especially one like ours in the USA that is supposedly based on equality.

Say what you will about gay marriage, but if the government is to recognize marriage as a legal event, then it should be recognized for all citizens.  No one, especially people such as Turing who contributed so much to humanity, should be driven to suicide by a feeling that they are ostracized from their own society.

I have never posted anything political on this blog and rarely discuss my politics in professional life.  But the 100th birthday of the founder of my…

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