Turn all (almost) your lost ideas into reality

Content of this post is just my personal opinion only . 

Idea : 


Idea is nothing more than  (weird) thoughts comes in to your mind time to time . The only thing which makes its different is :

  •  Your brain forces you to think on  what you have just (or once in past) thought of.Image
  • The nature is absolutely different than your usual thoughts
  • It sounds strangeImage
  • Image

For human , thought process is similar as Heart .  Hear keep on working  weather we realize this every moment or not so the thoughts . To not let those ideas ( weird thought) lost , you must do the following : (as soon as you get an idea or when you  realize  one of your thought you had is actually matches to the characteristics of an idea  )Image

  •   Note down the idea ( it don’t have to be precise )
  •  Put it some where so you can access it easily.
  •  Keep it  in back of your mind , and keep your eyes and ears open 😉


Things will come to you and will match your idea .. Give it a try 🙂


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