About Me

Life is a Merathon not a Sprint.

Well as i have to tell something about myself in this section..means i have to ..I am currently Working on Microsoft Technologies which includes .Net(2.0, 3.0, 3.5),  BizTalkServer 2006/R2, SQL Server 2005 , ASP.Net, Ajax, XSLT/XML .. etc

This was about my profession..and as a human creature what i can tell you about myself !!!!…

Hammm actually its little bit difficult to tell about yourself , isn’t it !!!

I am person with Positive approach towards life and whatever i do . I dont believe in luck and all because i believe that if you are honest with yourself than there is nothing who can stops you to achieve your dreams.

so What i can say about myself is that i always take success and failures in life as ” THIS IS NOT THE ULTIMATE END  “.

In failure i try agin with 200% input becuase ” THIS IS NOT THE ULTIMATE END “.

and in success ,i make a commitment to my self to achieve the next lavel because



20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi Dilip.. nice blog.. too informative… as i am not part of .net ,despite what i liked is information available as well ur quotes and thoughts for life… i know u r a very +ve person & u also made me +ve when i really required motivation to think positive…be positive and work +ve!!! keep it up!!!

  2. THIS IS NOT THE ULTIMATE END…….yes yes …..chalte hijana hai……u teach lot of things to our people……..U WILL GET WHAT EVER U WANT BECAUSE U KNOW HOW TO GET>>>>

  3. Hi handsome…as i told u b’for u r a very gud narrator n i can see da same thing in ur blogs ..gud job man..all da best.. 🙂

  4. once u start believing urself at the same time u start exploring a new world of excellence ……. always remember u r the inspiration for many others……and that is the best motivation that makes u never stop achieving in the life,……!!

  5. Hi Dilip, Your effort is really appreciable, and i really love to see the working code from your blog.
    i struck with small doubt here, how can i see the data in the database after doing add operation.
    please guide me

    1. Hi
      Thanks for the appreciation.
      can you please be specific with your problem ? may be i can help you. please mention which article you are trying to implement .

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