How to install .ipa file using iTunes on iPhone

Steps for how to install .ipa file using iTunes on iPhone

Open iTunes application and go to apps tabs/button

Ituneimage 1
iTune apps tab

Drag and Drop your .ipa file to apps area

Ituneimage 2
ipa file on iTunes

Connect your device and select Apps section

Ituneimage 3
connect device  and install app

Select the app you need to install and click install  and then Sync button.

Ituneimage 4
sync new app




Install Google chrome extension .crx file

1. Open Google  Chrome browser.

2. Type in in address  “chrome://extensions/”

3. Drag and Drop your .crx file on the browser.

4. Click Ok on the confirmation window.


that’s it.


Install sun-java6-sdk on Ubuntu

1. Go to command Line  (HOW)

2. Add new repository to Ubuntu  (HOW)

3.Get the updates now and run the Install command as follows

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk

4. this will install  java sdk


5. after successful installation, Configuration screen will be popped up


6. Check if everything is ok