My sister is a writer..

Good morning everyone :

This morning new I came to know ..I came to know about a BLOG and owner of the blog is none other than my sister. I read all the post of her and believe me all of them are really nice and more importantly all the posts comes free with a meaningful message    🙂

Well, I am pretty happy for her and if you all want to have a look at you can have check it here



God bless you doll..


Cup of coffee and snowfall……

Imagine if you are living in a place where you have never been before and there is really anything to do .. because you have taken a day-off  from your office… Its snowfall outside and yu are sitting in your apartment with a cup of hot coffee……

What came first  in your mind when you read it (imagine it )..well I do not know about you but I am sharing my feelings here .. what comes in my mind ..

 I am here in my apartment and after working 20 hrs office work finally I taking some rest and I took the day off…Woke up late in the morning and then pray my God for everyone’s happiness and  than off course picked up my notebook (sorry can’t help it … )  to have a look like the world has changed in last 5-6 hours  🙂

Well everything seems fine and in place .. nice feeling otherwise my plans for taking rest today could be a dream…

After a while I had a look out side and removed the shades  from the big glass window.. and wowwwwwwww  its snowfall …and the best part is it’s not so wet  today so looking really nice …. I have prepared a cup of cappuccino and sat down near the window and started watching outside …

After a while  i felt so calm and feel so peace in my mind .. it was like there is no tension in mind and I have no worries and it’s just the moment I want to live like it always … My mind was able to produce colors for my thoughts  from the White snow… and everything was looking so amazing even without any color…

I remind  some lines I read somewhere “Things are always not the way they look , but its the way how you look at them.”

Well this was on my mind now my mind is Pressed 🙂

D in DLand [Deutschland]

Hello Friends

Here I am back again to share something more …(off course not related to the technical stuff 😉  )… As I talk about to leave your comfort  zone to explore things more and more ..So  here I am in DLand (Deutschland)..

Deutschland.!!!!  where the hell is this place on this planet .. I would have exactly said these words if I heard this name when I was in India. But now i am here in Deutschland and here people love to call their country Deutschland rather than Germany.  🙂 Well I am absolutely fine with that because at least I have explored one thing for sure that the real name (beloved name) of germany i Deutschland also. 

Right now I am sitting in my office here and I sit near the big glass window here , and you know what it’s really nice to see the SNOWFALL from sitting in your warm office cabin.,,When I arrived here everything was green and weather was so pleasant that you just cant stay in your apartment … and in the coming months the Green color turns in to red and then yellow  and now there  is no color 🙂 because all the trees are without their cosmetics (leafs)

Bu I thing and as I was told by my german colleague here that this no color situation will be over soon and  i will get a chance to see germany in a new color : White color… well I am pretty excited about it and i hope this will be nice to see  as well as I also hope that I will be able to survive in such cold.

Now come back to the topic of Exploration again. German are really punctual and they plan even a single bit of their time in advance and the best part is THEY DO FOLLOW THEIR PLANS.  Now here is another interesting fact: Is it really good or bad to live a pre planned life ???????????

Hammm interesting na ..  if I look at it from the work point of view  than this is something that every country should adopt it  but if  I look at the normal life of people here .. i do not see any much fun in their life …because they know what they will do in next minute …off course  because they  have planned about the next coming 10 minutes , 10 days ago…  wowwwwwwwwwwwww (off course  there are few person who do not fall under this criteria)

Can you imagine to do it for yourself !!!!! if your answer is YES.. i salute you  but if your answer is NO than my still have a lot to live…..and to do many things more and important thing is  you still have a great opportunity to Explore ….

So lets Explore more and more and more …….

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Leave your comfort zone

When I was a kid i read a story in school .

There was a great Saint and he  moves from places to places . One day he goes to a village and he decides to live in there for few days . When the villager heard the news that The great Saint in their village , they come to see him and to  get his blessings .The villagers served him very well . Off course  there  were bad people also in the village with good people . So when he was leaving the village , he blessed the good guys “I wish you have a lot of trouble and you spread around the world . ” and  to the bad  guys he blessed “Stay here in this village.I wish there is never a situation that you have to leave your beloved home”

The Saint  moved on . But one if his follower was still not able to understand that why he gave good blessing to bad guys and not to the good guys !!!!!!

Finally he asked him. The saint replied :

 Wherever a good man goes , he finds his way and he make more people influence to be good like him. So i want all these good guys from this village should go out and make others good/happy as they are .they should come out of  their comfort zone and explore the world.But on other side I want that these bad guys should stay in their home so that they can’t spread the bad in the world.

I was very influenced with this story and then i realize  that if you really want to explore  something than you have to leave your comfort zone and you have to put yourself in to a different mode , so that you really understand what it’s beyond your house , your playground, your job etc………..

So if you really want to explore something , than you have to leave your Comfort zone….. and trust me you will never regret on your decision ..

This time iSpeak

Hello friends

I have been writing this blog since a long time. I know this is not a great blog but i am trying to make is more meaningful and helpful. I started this blog with a mind-set to talk about Technical stuff on it  ( and till now I think this is the way it : )   )But now I think , this is  the  time that I wanted to share some non technical stuff too with you all  so , i have added one more category iSpeak in my blog.

After a long time .. i spent a good weekend

Good Morning Friends,
Today is Monday and this saturday and sunday was a good weekend for me after a long time . the reason was , i met with one of my friend (Manpreet/Soniya) after approx. 2.5 yrs… we spent good time when we were working together ina Call Center … (i was working there part time with my college ).. after marriage she went on ship with Her husband.
Now she is going again and fortunately i called her up and her mobile number was working and i was surprised .. …she picked up the call…and said “Hi Dilip ……” and mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaya ki kaise react karooo…i was expecting ki uska phone switch off aayega ..but …..nahi aaya.
we decided to meet and we met on saturday and enjoyed a lot …….she is totally changed after marriage and…she talks very practical ……pahle bhi karti thi but this time ..she was talking impressive …….

She is going back again on ship and pata nahi fir kab milunga us se mai…..
but i’ll miss her alot ..
i respect her like My Sister …

and wo mujhe daanti bhi Sister ke jaise hi hai …
on Sunday i was in distributing Marriage cards with one of my very god friend.. Uski saale ki shaadi ho rahi hai …and mai bahut khush hu ki meri Bhabhi aa rahi hai ……..