Convert Utc time to local time zone c#

 /// <summary>
 /// converts utc date time to local time zone date time 
 /// </summary>
 /// timeUtc">
 /// <returns></returns>
 public static DateTime ConvertTimeFromUtc(DateTime timeUtc)
 DateTime destTime = TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTimeFromUtc(timeUtc, TimeZoneInfo.Local);
 return destTime;

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FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint Versions

Talbott Crowell's Software Development Blog

Here is a table that contains a comprehensive list of FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint versions including RTM, cumulative updates (CU’s), and hotfixes. Please let me know if you find any errors or have a version not listed here by using the comments.

Build Release Component Information Source (Link to Download)
14.0.4763.1000 RTM FAST Search Server Mark   van Dijk 
14.0.5128.5001 October 2010 CU FAST Search Server KB2449730 Mark   van Dijk 
14.0.5136.5000 February 2011 CU FAST Search Server KB2504136 Mark   van Dijk 
14.0.6029.1000 Service Pack 1 FAST Search Server KB2460039 Todd   Klindt
14.0.6109.5000 August 2011 CU FAST Search Server KB2553040 Todd   Klindt
14.0.6117.5002 February 2012 CU FAST Search Server KB2597131 Todd   Klindt
14.0.6120.5000 April 2012 CU FAST Search Server KB2598329 Todd   Klindt
14.0.6126.5000 August 2012 CU FAST Search Server KB2687489 Mark   van Dijk 
14.0.6129.5000 October 2012 CU FAST Search Server KB2760395 Todd…

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First hand experience with F#

I have been studying F# lately and more I read more i fall for functional programming languages.

I have also developing a REST service over last few weeks using Service Stack framework for restfull services in  C#.

To play around with F# i have decided to migrate my same service from C# to F# with ServiceStack  itself .

Below 3  new things for me to explore  at same time

  • — Differences between F#2.0 and F# 3.0
  • — first hand functional programming experience
  • — F# with Service Stack ( console hosting)

Below are are the outcomes of my migration:

  • Clear code
  • Less code about 60% less code
  • No hit and trial , code worked in first compilation
  • Faster development time (over 50% gain)

I will explore more and hopefully i choose this as main programming language for my upcoming Large size project.

Resources for F#





Add extension to your Service stack response


I had a case in my project to change the default extn of the response file (csv )to something else.

Thank God I was using Service Stack so I on the fly saved;)


Just add a Response filter and do what you wish todo .Add below code to your apphost.cs file


this.ResponseFilters.Add((req, res, dto) =>
                if (req.ResponseContentType == ContentType.Csv)
                    string.Format("attachment;filename={0}.bin", req.OperationName+ Guid.NewGuid().ToString()));