Read custom Properties of an Excel Workbook

You can read the Custom properties of any office document (below is an example for Excel workbook)

using System.Reflection;
using System;

object GetExcelWorkbookPropertyValue(Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Workbook workbook, string propertyName)
object builtInProperties =workbook.CustomDocumentProperties;
Type builtInPropertiesType = builtInProperties.GetType();

object property = builtInPropertiesType.InvokeMember(“Item”, BindingFlags.GetProperty, null, builtInProperties, new object[] { propertyName });
Type propertyType = property.GetType();
object propertyValue = propertyType.InvokeMember(“Value”, BindingFlags.GetProperty, null, property, new object[] { }); return propertyValue;


Hope this will help you….


Receive Location is Disabled Error in Biztalk

Hi All,

           Today i faced a very strange problem in Biztalk2006/R2. I created an Orchrestration and deployed it . Using the WCF Service Publishing wizard i have published the service (Transport Type is WSHttpBinding , by mistake) and set it the recievelocation of the deployed service. In the configuration, i set its Transpoty Type to Custom Isolated binding . and enabled the service.

 i started facing the  error that my receive location is diasabled . I tried all the ways but no success .  

{ in the service i set it WS httpBinding , byMistake .}

After a long juggling with here and dere i opened the the .svc file created  in the published service and found that the Transport type is mention in mention in that one line of code file.

Changed it to Custom and It was done.


Conclusion :

 Problem :  Receive Location is disable .

It  can be raised by Biztalk if the Transport Type in service and configuration is different .

Apart from this the same problem can be faces if the provided receive location is no more availabe  or a typo mistake in URI .